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Recently, I've seen lots of "animal rights" comments saying, "humans are the only species that kill for fun." It seems to be a very common statement online, and a very false one if you've ever worked with animals. Anyone who has a cat bring them a mouse knows animals also kill for fun. Dogs will also slaughter flocks of chickens for sport. 
It's not just domestic animals either. Wolves, yes, the critter people seem to think is sacred, are one of the worst sport killers. Don't believe me? Here's an article about them killing over a hundred sheep.… The reason there are pictures of predators near prey animals without attacking them isn't because the predator is too honorable to kill, it's because the predator's not going to waste valuable energy to kill for fun. 
Another common myth is that predators only kill the old and the sick. They forget to mention that predators kill whatever they can catch, which is often the young, healthy animals that can't run fast enough. This means that after a few years, the prey is depleted due to having very few new young animals growing to maturity.
Another sort of myth is that wolves are afraid of people and won't harm humans. This one, so far, seems true, but it is that way because wolves rarely have contact with humans in areas they won't be shot. Coyotes, which are terrified of humans in Montana, have been known for attacking humans in other places. This is because they don't get shot at enough and then decided to see if humans would make a good meal. Most likely, if the wolf population moved close to urban areas, the same would happen with wolves, but with much deadlier results. A grown man can fight off a pair of coyotes. A pair of wolves? Not so likely. This is another reason wolves should be kept under control. They need to know that humans are a threat.

I'm a supporter of responsible hunting and especially predator control.Responsible hunting is a good way to keep the animal population under control without the animals having a painful death from disease or starvation. My family also keeps the local coyote population under control. (Weird that people go absolutely nuts if someone shoots a wolf but they don't seem to care about the coyotes.) If the population gets too high, the coyotes will begin attacking our calves, and they can hurt our deep population, which is still in bad shape. (We are being very selective about who is allowed to hunt deer on our property.)
I also think that if a wolf leaves the Yellowstone Park, it should be open season. In Montana, domestic livestock have taken the place of wild animals. There are very few places left where wolves can survive on wild game. They're better off in places like Alaska where they have lots of large wild prey animals to eat. 
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I'm a twenty-something Montana country girl. I'm an aspiring Christian artist and writer.
I have more experience drawing animals than humans.
Almost every picture I draw has a story behind it and pretty much every creature I draw is one of my characters.
I normally don't thank people for favorites but I try to give a person llamas for faves.
Even though I draw quite a few wolves, and other predators, I come from a family who hunts both for food and to protect our livestock. I strongly support hunting animals, even wolves, to control the population and reduce livestock predation.
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Can you please pray for my horse? He had a tumor on his head, which had started giving him balance trouble. (We were trying to find a vet who knew what to do.) Now he's hurt his front leg pretty badly. Making matters worse, it's really been cold, as in below zero wind chill, and our barn isn't that warm. I'm not sure if he's going to survive the winter. :(
I've uploaded some of my fanfics to Wattpad. Here's the latest set.…
I get really tired of looking up characters, especially from children's shows, and finding pictures of them in practically no clothes, or being in a very inappropriate romantic relationship with another character.
People who think I need to be tolerant of certain groups seem to be very intolerant of me.

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