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Alright, here we go! The first 10 people to comment on this journal will be featured here along with a short intro and a few of their artwork! But, you'll need to do a feature journal like this one and add me to it! :D (Big Grin)

:iconbscruffy: has a very unique style that is easily recognizable. 
Catch of the day! by bscruffy Savora Snow Battle by bscruffy Training Chamlan to lead by bscruffy Horse racing by bscruffy Stealing the Dragon's Egg by bscruffy

:iconchishioochita: What can I say? I like dinosaurs. 
:Headshot: Eogan by ChishioOchita I Will Not Be Moved by ChishioOchita New Year 2018 by ChishioOchita Broch by ChishioOchita COMMISSION: Philo by ChishioOchita

:iconhollyrosebriar: is a longtime friend I met on the old DIOM forum. 
First Drawing With New Tablet by HollyRoseBriar Twilight Fairy by HollyRoseBriar Transformed BatB Coloring Contest Entry by HollyRoseBriar Colorblind Bros commission pt 2 What color gray by HollyRoseBriar Draco Waterfall Shower by HollyRoseBriar
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Sketch Commissions

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 17, 2018, 6:19 PM
I decided to try opening commissions for simple traditional sketches. 
The price is one dollar or 150 points. They'd be very simple, such as one character, not a complicated scene.
Example of what I'm offering:
Sketch example by Rebel-Rider
You can pay on completion. 

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Long silence

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 29, 2017, 1:45 PM
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  • Reading: Oathbringer
  • Watching: DS9
I did a review of Rebels Season 3 and now I'm sharing fanart. 
My review:…
 Lothcats by Drakonessa-Tsi  Jango's Finest -- Celebration Orlando Print by JoeHoganArt  Two Jedis and a hired gun by A-Teivos  Luke Skywalker bullseyes another womp rat by Robert-Shane  Nice Guy by OtisFrampton   X-Wing Dump by Capella336 No Edit Button by 7hot-feanorians The Jedi King #2 - Rey by RussianBlues Lightwhip by Rogu3-Knight Ahsoka Tano by wraithdt  Is that really Ezra by MelHell84  Bothan Portraits by Acaciathorn Star Wars: Force and Destiny - Ahsoka Tano by AnthonyFoti Raising Dragons/Star Wars Mashup by JamesArtVille  Heroes of the 501st (Celebration Anaheim) by ChrispyDee  Chewie by wraithdt  Savage Ewoks... by chrisscalf  Star wars Boba Fett by jamga Star Wars Rebellion Box Art by wraithdt  Captain Phasma by BennyKusnoto Xwing Eshiu 2K by emanshiu Watch your mouth kid... by AlexVanArsdale  Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Leia and Han Solo by LauraHollingsworth Relics of the Old Republic by Varjopihlaja Star Wars - Whispers of the Past (Ahsoka Tano) by thetechromancer  Wookiee Bodyguards by wraithdt <da:thumb id="504202750"/>  Captain Rex by Robert-Shane   Bo-Katan and the night owls by Mauricio-Morali Commission: Mas'ric on the hunt by ChrispyDee Monsters by ornicar  LOTF: Tempest--Jag Fel by FalconFan  Han's Payback by Av3r Deathstar Reflections by WiL-Woods Hunters' Face Off by Jedi-Art-Trick  War is Over by Xerina  Sabine: explosive artist by Mauricio-Morali ''STAR WARS: The Clone Wars'' -- Embo by NinjaKato Star Wars LCG: You Are My Only Hope by Thaldir  The padawan by VargasNi  Vader by KaRolding
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Watcher Feature 33

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 19, 2017, 6:32 PM

:iconpaintfeathers: has a comic, which wouldn't display well here, so here's a more square piece.
Acorn by PaintFeathers

:iconhannahrodwrites: doesn't have any art. She is a writer, who I have met in person.

:iconsirevoltz: had this cute thing.
Twitter Birdy by SireVoltz

:iconterminator9632587411: is another person without much art.

Unstable by ZjeroXytz

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Wed Jan 18, 2017, 9:21 PM

1. write the rules. (Done)
2. write 13 things about yourself. (Na. I'm tired.)
3. answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.
4. tag 13 deviants (Ya right)
5. make sure they know that they are tagged. (Watch me)
6. don't say ''you're tagged if you read this". (Yawn)
7. it is forbidden not to tag anyone. (My name is Rebel for a reason.)
8. tag backs are allowed.
9. if you don't make this tag in a week, you need to obey a wish of the person who tags you. (Rebel, remember?)

1. Do you prefer warm weather or cold weather? Warm because right now, it's winter and we've got almost two feet of snow.

2. Who is an artist, songwriter, author, or any other creative person that you find inspiring? Go look through my friends list. One thing I've found inspiring in the past is to read a webcomic that starts out with somewhat amateur art, then drastically improves. 

3. Do you have any pets or livestock? If so, what are they? If not, is there any kind of animal you’d like to keep? Yes, my family has two dogs, three cats, over a dozen horses, and a few hundred cows, about a dozen of which are milk cows and think they're pets. I also have two aquariums and some chickens.

4. What is one of your favorite fictional creatures? Hard one. I do love aliens, obviously, but gryphons and dragons are pretty cool too.

5. Is there any character or story concept that you love so much you wish you came up with it yourself? There are a few, like the Hi Ho Hyperdrive universe of chill13  

6. Do you have any interest in making comics or animating? If so, what kind of comics or animations would you make? Yes, but I'm not that good at it. I've done some really simple animations, and someday, I'd love to turn my stories into graphic novels.

7. Would you rather live in a single story or two story house? Two story, if it was arranged decently.

8. Do you prefer electric or gas stoves? We have a gas, which is nice because we can still make breakfast if the electricity is out.

9. What do you most want to learn to draw this year? Hard one. I'd just like to improve at what I'm doing now.

10. Does anyone actually like sweatpants? Not me. I did use 'em a bit before I got an electric blanket. My room is cold.

11. What was the last movie or tv show you saw? The Spy Next Door (Jackie Chan) last night, then the last episode of Stranger Things today. The Spy Next door was really funny. It's a good family movie.

12. Do you typically have a lot of clutter laying around, or are you the tidy sort of person? Some clutter, but not a ton. 

13. Similarly, night person or morning person? Night, if I'm not tired from working all day.

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Watcher Feature 32

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 4, 2017, 1:24 PM

Every once in a while, I like to thank my watchers by featuring their art. It would be cool if this became a trend of sorts.

:iconjennyrichardblakina: has some digital art.
TCN - Christina's art block by JennyRichardBlakina

:iconleviastar237: does mostly traditional but has a bit of digital art.
Levia 2 by LeviaStar237

:iconnathanielharris: has a lot of good stuff and it was hard to figure out which piece to feature. 
Drunk And Disorderly Croc by NathanielHarris

:iconfaith-song: is an old-time friend from the Dragons in Our Midst forum. She needs to post more art.
Anielka by Faith-Song

:iconlucky-de-luca: is in Russia.

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Journal Entry: Wed Dec 21, 2016, 1:18 PM

Tagged by :iconleviastar237:

Name: Jessi

Star sign: Sagittarius (I don't put any stock in it.)

Average hours of sleep: Eight

Lucky Number: No idea. Maybe 7? 

Last thing I googled: I think it was frost bite in dogs. Don't worry. Our dogs are fine. My fictional pets might be in more danger.

When I started this account: Mid-September of 2011.

Amount of Watchers: 154 (Thanks everyone!)

What do I post: Mostly sci-fi art and fanart/fanfic for my friends, as well as the occasional original writing. 

Do I run any more blogs: Yes.

Do I get a lot of comments: It depends on what you call a lot. I get a fair amount, but not the massive numbers more popular artists get. I always try to reply to the comments I do get.

Why I chose my username: It was the same as a username for a forum I joined in late '07. I chose it because I was into the American Civil War, or "War of Northern Aggression" if you're pro-South. 

I think most of my friends already got tagged. :P 

Graphics by tyleramato
CSS by moonfreak
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  • Reading: Martian Science Fiction
  • Watching: Voltron
  • Eating: gum
Tagged by :iconalexvanarsdale: Tag made by :iconworldbuildersinc:
How old are your projects, and if you want to tell, how did they start?

I'll just stick to one project since doing my spaceverse and Chaos series would be a bit much. 
I think it may have started with the Animorphs books, which were my first introduction to sci-fi. After those, I had the idea for a story where humans invaded a peaceful alien planet. (This was long before Avatar, back when humans invading aliens was a somewhat new idea. I was doing it first. Take that James Camron.) 
At the time, I only had two or three planets, one with a peaceful cat-like race, and another with the Lazakal, a fire breathing winged deer thing, and some species my brother had invented. (The story was going to be about the peaceful bunch getting invaded, and the Lazakal, who were more war-like, coming to their aid.)
Later, I started to develop the other part of space, where there were pit fights and more aliens. I had a few species that have been axed. Some were warrior fairies. Ironically, I think the Chix turned into the proud tiny warrior race, replacing the stereotypical fairy types. There were also bat people. (The unicorn species still exists in my universe.) 
This is the oldest picture I managed to hunt down without scanning my old drawings that are buried in my closet. 
Alien-town by Rebel-Rider1936544 101722633172138 2681219 N by Rebel-Rider1936544 101764743167927 3736181 N by Rebel-Rider
And the earliest drawing of the creature that developed into the Chix. 
1936544 101786809832387 4878833 N by Rebel-Rider
Melsha has been around for a while. Also, an early space ship battle. The ones with swept-back wings are still in use, but most of the others have been axed. Hmm, maybe I should reuse some of them.
1936544 101779173166484 6206939 N by Rebel-RiderSpace-ship-battle by Rebel-Rider
And here you can see some of my aliens. The lion-like ones have been axed, but in this picture, there's an early Torf wearing a himple, an Elba with too-long claws, a Skallan, a cyborg, and an early Chix. Oh, and a saber-toothed tiger, because I had those back then
134915 191232397554494 2631455 O by Rebel-Rider
A Derb. These haven't changed much. Alos, a little alien dinosaur thing. I need to redraw one of these someaday. They probably still exist.
1936544 101764736501261 1046726 N by Rebel-Rider1936544 101764739834594 1054822 N by Rebel-Rider
A scene from an earlier now-axed story idea. I can't even recall much of the idea, other than that I liked swords back then. Ironically, Krys got the cybernetics. Also, there's Storm, a Lazakal character of mine. Her ears in this picture are a bit like Elba ears. Note that the bat wolf thing has been axed since this. I don't have them in the universe now.
Drink by Rebel-Rider283419 253131178031282 2410113 N by Rebel-Rider

I tag :iconchill13: :iconjedi-cowgirl: :iconrhavencroft: :iconeagleflyte: :iconflurrin: and anyone else who wants to do it. It's a new tag, so it needs to get some traction. 
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I've been working on editing my novella, Hand of Steel, and I'd like to get a few more people to read through it and critique it before I try publishing it. (I'm thinking I'll self-publish since novellas are hard to get traditionally published.) Your job would be to tell me about anything you spot, like plot holes, slow spots, bad character motivation, lack of description (something I have trouble with) and anything else that detracts from a reader's enjoyment. 
Hand of Steel is only 38,000 words, which means it's almost 150 pages if it were a book, so it's pretty short.

If anyone wants to read it, please read the excerpt I have here first to see if it's something you'd like. I don't want you to feel compelled to read something you're not interested in. If you like what you see, you can note me your email and I can send it to you in a format that works best for both of us. (For those who don't have Microsoft Word, I'd suggest Google Docs.)

This is the description:
All Krys wants is to be a hunter like her dad, until a fire grenade thrown by pirates incinerates him and leaves her so badly injured she’s made into a cyborg. To her surprise, the pirate captain who killed her dad and captured her is not the monster she’d expected but an old veteran from the losing side of the Tupra War. When she leaves the pirates and begins working with hunters who live by a different code than her dad, it’s only a matter of time before Krys is forced to choose between upholding the law or aiding those who oppose it.

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:iconnovanocturne: and :iconwindwo1f: did this mini-story challenge thing by :iconpikminpedia: and it looked fun, so I decided to do it for Savora. I did it from the POV of Jagur, who would never meet Savora in-universe. 
Note that I changed the order of the descriptors around, due to me wanting it to fit together better. I also left out "attraction" since Jagur's a Lazakal and is in no position to notice if Savora would be attractive to the opposite sex.

    Sight: Jagur watched the creature as she walked down the path he crouched near. She had reddish fur with a corse look too it, especially on her short tail. Black stripes marked her body, and her long ears were almost fully black on the outside, with a lighter inner ear. They perked for any sound while her whiskers twitched, sensing the breeze. One ear had a notch taken out of it. Jagur couldn’t tell if she had a good sense of smell, but he’d positioned himself downwind of the game path. She stood nearly seven feet tall, making her quite a bit taller than Jagur, though the way she walked on her toes gave her a few extra inches. She had various scars along her arms and possibly more under her sleeveless shirt and skirt. Judging by her long, sharp claws, she could fight well. With arms that long, Jagur knew he didn’t want to get in a scrap with her. He pressed himself agains the ground behind the bush he’d picked. He’d just let her pass him by and wait for real prey, not something that was obviously intelligent. 

    Sound: She walked almost silently, an odd thing for a creature of her size. Jagur hadn’t even detected her until she’d come into his line of sight. He couldn’t hear her breathing, not from this distance, but the way her ears twitched worried him. With those big ears, she probably had good hearing. He controlled his breathing so she wouldn’t hear him.

    Smell: The breeze shifted, blowing the creature’s scent to Jagur. He inhaled deeply, trying to get a better feel for what she was. He caught a dirt scent, giving him the hint she lived underground, which would explain why he’d never encountered any of her species before. She carried a root scent mixed in, and a slight roast meat scent. Omnivorous, most likely, not a full meat-eater like Lazakal. Didn’t mean she was someone he wanted to get into a tangle with, but now, she was too close for him to reveal himself without her getting surprised.

    Action: The big alien’s ears twitched, swiveling Jagur’s way. He held perfectly still. He was downwind and hadn’t made a sound. She couldn’t have noticed him. She sprang at Jagur, her movements fluid and faster than he’d have thought possible for something her size. He rolled onto his back as she crashed into him.

    Touch: One of her huge hands slammed into Jagur’s chest, pinning him down. She put enough weight on him he could barely draw a breath. Luckily, her long claws, meant for digging, didn’t slice into his chest. Her other hand poised over him, claws upraised. 

    Taste: Without thinking, Jagur bit her arm, tasting blood and dirty fur. 

    Composure: She roared in pain and rage. Her free hand slammed into Jagur’s head. He fell back, half stunned. She shot to her feet and stood over him, her claws at the ready, ears flattened in anger.

    Mentality: She didn’t attack, wary of Jagur’s jaws, even though he hadn’t managed to fully bite down. Not wanting to anger the huge creature, he stayed down, his head pounding. This wasn’t a fight he wanted. Even if he managed to win, he’d be too injured to hunt.

    Emotion: She growled, a deep rumble from her chest, not quite like a Lazakal growl. Jagur met her eyes and noted they were wide. She was frightened, at least slightly. She’d attacked out of fear, not because she wanted to fight.

    Posture: Even if she was afraid, her eyes were the only thing that betrayed it. She stood strongly, her left side facing toward Jagur. The only weakness he spotted was how she put more weight on her right. She favored her left leg, perhaps from an old injury. Jagur doubted he’d be able to get her off-balance.    

    Alignment: Instead of attacking, she kept over him, watching, waiting for Jagur to make a move. She wasn’t going to finish him off, not if he didn’t show any aggression. Considering Jagur had only been hit, not clawed, she was holding back.

    Jagur slowly rose to a crouch. He shook his pounding head.
    The big alien watched him, the tension in her body telling him she still expected him to attack her.
    “I was hunting animals, not you,” Jagur said. He licked a little bit of her blood from his long canines. “Sorry about biting you.”
    She watched him, her stance relaxing just a little as he spoke.
    Jagur stood and brushed leaves from his vest. “The name’s Jagur.”
    She tipped her ears to him. “Savora,” she said. “I’m sorry. I heard you there and thought you were going to attack, so I figured I’d get you first.”
    Jagur shrugged. “No hard feelings. I should have said something when I spotted you. Does that bite need treated? I could lick it.”
    Savora looked at the wound. “I’ve had worse.”
    Considering her speed, Jagur guessed she wasn’t lying. She’d had him down before he’d had a chance to fully react. This creature knew what she was doing.

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I'm so behind on these. Sorry guys.

:iconharuau: has some video game screenshots and dog pictures.
metalstorm: Aces Phoenix by haruau

yoshi says hello by jec1996

:iconladydata: is a Trekkie 
PD- Angelic Android by LadyData

:iconimmortalredfox: has no art.

:iconomegastar890: has a very colorful style.
<da:thumb id="633408695"/>

And if you haven't seen it yet, I got a drawing of my mascot. 
[Contest Prize] Rebel by JatoWhitz
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Tagged by :iconmusicalfire: 

1) List at least 5 things you enjoy
2) List at least 5 things you're thankful for
3) List at least 3 things you like about yourself
4) List at least 3 things you like about your own art!
5) Tag people if you wish and have fun!

1: Books, art, film, chatting with friends, outdoors
2: Living on a ranch, Jesus, my family, DeviantART, good books
3. My moral compass, my weight, my imagination
4: My pacing(in writing), my eyes, my characters
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  • Reading: Amish Vampires in Space (Yes, it's a book.)
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I was tagged by :iconrhavencroft:

1. What inspires you?
Hard one. I get inspired by really random things, and what if stuff, such as what would happen if I did an alien invasion, but gave the aliens a legit reason for invading.

2. Is there a style in particular you have in mind for your art? What are some of the elements and themes you hope to incorporate?
I currently have two styles. One is the cell shading and the other is detailed. For elements, I like to try to get emotion in some pieces. 

3. Worldbuilding! If you have one, what are some themes in your original world? : o
I try to make it realistic. I like to show things as having shades of gray, not all black and white. Villains may be evil and heroes may be good, but I refuse to have an evil species.

4. Your favorite original or fan-character of yours?
Probably depends on my mood. I do like Klate, but also Chamlan, Rolf, Razor, and others.

5. Tell me about them! (pleasee)
Klate is a space pirate captain. Well, technically, he's a bit more along the lines of freedom fighter from a war that ended, but trying to explain that while you're boarding a ship gets old, so just saying he was a pirate is easier.
Chamlan is a militant during a war, and he's afraid to take charge because he panicked and ran during a battle.
Rolf is a teenager who was raised by his granddad, who fought for the Germans in WWII. Rolf is quite radical and won't get along with anyone who doesn't believe his granddad is a hero. 
Razor is the leader of a gang of kids with superpowers. He's Muslim, and also a ruthless fighter. Mess with his kids and die.

6.  Monster characters, heck yeah or nah?
If werewolves who mostly have control count, yep.

7. What is more interesting to you: a fascinating plot sequence or engaging characters?
Hard one. Probably a bit of both since the plot gives the characters hard choices.

8. Favorite book or comic series?
I really like Sanderson's books. I've got a whole file of webcomics in my favorites.

9. Worldbuilding part2: What's the technology like? Is there magic?
I have a space opera where the tech is just a tad more advanced than Earth tech, but lasers only work on large space ships. There is no magic.

10. Have you watered a plant today? Plant says thanks.
Yes, I have.

11. Which is better: a happy ending, a satisfying ending (characters fufill plotlines, tragic or not), or abrupt tragedy?
Satisfying ending.

12. What is your favorite show or movie?
Probably Star Wars, including the TV series. (Series needs a plural, by the way.)

13. What's your favorite snack? (I ran out of ideas and also i am hungry)

My thirteen questions. I'm stealing. 

1. Do you listen to stuff while you draw? If so, what?
2. What inspires you?
3. How often do you draw?
4. Your favorite original or fan-character of yours?
5. Tell me about them!
6. Have you ever met any of your online friends in real life?
7. How often do you use references for your art?
8. Favorite book or comic series?
9. What is your favorite show or movie?
10. Do you base your characters off real people?
11. Do you prefer writing fanfic or original stuff? 
12. Do you incorporate your beliefs into your stories/art?
13. Do you think there are aliens out there?

I tag: :iconalexvanarsdale: :iconchill13: :iconworldbuildersinc: :iconjedi-cowgirl: and anyone else who feels like they're missing out on tags.
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I'm going to post this on my blog someday, but I thought I'd post it here first.

It's time for the election, so, who will you choose if you could elect a fictional character?

Here are a few of my picks.

Princess Leia (Star Wars)
She's courageous and not afraid to take action. Standing up to Congress will be a walk in the park compared to challenging Darth Vader.
Han Solo would be an asset, but he could cause an international incident if he shot first.
With a family that includes Luke Skywalker, Kylo Ren, and Darth Vader, the gossip magazines would have a job for at least two terms. Leia's birth certificate is most likely a forgery.

Elend Venture (Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson.)
Though he's young, he's honest and brave. He also became the ruler of a crumbling society  when the world was about to end. This gives him plenty of experience with inheriting messed up countries. He knows when to listen to advisors and values life, so he'll try to find a peaceful solution before going to war.
We'd also get Vin as First Lady. She's an adept assassin and could end wars before they started.
Negatives: He'll sometimes force people to do things for their own good, which means Libertarians will likely have a problem with him. He's from a society without technology, but being young, he'd probably adapt fast. Vin might rig the election to get him in office.

Emperor Kai
(Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer)
Kai will do anything for his people, even marry a murderous queen. He knows when to take advice from his elders and comes from a high-tech society.
Cinder would make a good first lady. She's even from a persecuted minority group.
Negatives: He is very young and somewhat inexperienced.

Captain America (Marvel Universe)
If you want old fashioned values, it doesn't get much more old fashioned than Cap. He's also willing to go against the establishment, a welcome change.
Negatives: His example may cause people to misuse steroids. I'm pretty sure the whole Cap being a Hydra agent is something the opposing party, perhaps Iron Man, started.

Notable mentions:

He can get out of anything wth a paperclip, so he'd probably be able to get the US out of economic trouble. His hair style would be great fodder for cartoonists.

Aragorn (Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien)
He's a pretty cool guy with lots of combat experience, and he's one of the few people listed here who are actually old enough to run for president. Being older, he could have trouble adapting to modern technology.

Martin the Warrior (Mossflower by Brian Jacques)
He's basically the saint of Redwall. He's courageous  and good-hearted. Granted, people might not like taking orders from a mouse, even one who talks.

Deuce (Razorland Trilogy by Ann Aguirre)
As a teenager, this girl managed to get her own group together, form an alliance with an enemy species, and stop humanity from being wiped out. Diplomacy like that would be a big advantage.

Still better than what we've got:

Peter Wiggin (Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card)
He may have been a bit of a psychopath, but in his teens, he stopped a war by blogging. He later mellowed out and became a world leader. Considering humanity still existed thousands of years after his rule, that qualifies him.

Jar Jar Binks 
Sure, he's not the brightest character and he did support a Dark Lord of the Sith, but his speeches would be interesting.

Erak (Ranger's Apprentice by John Flanagan)
He may have a tendency to raid villages and such but he did have some sort of moral compass, which is better than I can say for most politicians.

Tony Stark (Iron Man)
He's a womanizing billionaire narcissist who apparently likes the idea of big government, which isn't that different from normal politicians. Tony does have some heroic tendencies. At the very least, he'd be able to find a source of clean energy.

What character would you pick for president?
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I was tagged by :iconjohn-am:

Rule:  Name 10 favorite characters from 10 different fandoms and tag ten people.

This was quite hard since I could have named quite a few more, but I decided to go for a bit more diversity instead of naming two characters by Brandon Sanderson. :P

1. Fives from The Clone Wars. He's a clone soldier, but he wasn't afraid of questioning orders when they were wrong.

2. Princess Leia from Star Wars. This one is hard because I love ALL the characters in the original trilogy, but I guess I'll go for Leia. She's tough, courageous, and a good shot. 
Princess Leia by R-Valle

3. Malcolm from Rise of the Planet of the Apes. I like him because he was so dedicated to finding a peaceful solution, even if he had to risk his life to do it.

4. TenSoon from Mistborn. I almost said I was going to pick Vin or Eland, but I figured I should give the shapeshifter some love. Mistborn is so full of awesome characters. Go read it.
TenSoon by ordinaryredtail

5. Moon from the Wings of Fire series. Glory is also cool, but Moon gets my pick because she's able to read minds, which means I get everyone's POV.
Moonwatcher by xTheDragonRebornx

6, Tars Tarkas from John Carter of Mars. He's a large green, four armed alien from Mars.
Tars Tarkas by DrMistyTang

7. Razer from the Green Lantern Animated Series. This guy has such a good character arc. I really liked him. It's a very good animated series to watch.
Razer and Aya by 14-bis

8. Ripred in the Underland Chronicles. He's a giant rat, but I like him.
Run Like the River, Ripred by x-Silverwing-x

9. Ty from Dark Life. He's an undersea pioneer who dislikes cities. I also loved Shade from the series.

10. Zuko from Avatar. He's got such a wonderful character arc involving forgiveness and such. 

I tag :iconhollyrosebriar: :iconflurrin: :iconworldbuildersinc: :iconjedi-cowgirl: :iconklonvon: :icontikaaniwicker4:
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A few of my friends have made groups. 
:iconjedi-cowgirl: made a group called :iconbest-of-star-wars: It's for high-quality Star Wars artwork, and really worth watching.
:iconklonvon: also made a group :iconplatonicties: that's made for celebrating non-romantic friendship. It could use more members and art. It's a really cool idea.
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